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Return Packs. AddOn 20004720

by NAV.COM K.Langier, G.Kowalik Sp.k.

„Return Packages” allows You in connection with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to access required data about Your Company’s return packages.

Key Business Benefits:

- easily accessible information regarding individual return packages,

- controlling the number of return packages while receiving or shipping goods,

- simplifying sales processes thanks to use of preconfigured package schemes,

- simplifying broken packages management and packages waste management,

- controlling the turnover of return packages secured with cash deposits,

- automation of invoicing and clearing of packages also while not in circulation.

“Return Packages” is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Add On solution developed by NAV.COM. “Return Packages” is fully compliant with “Packages and Package Waste Management Act” introduced to Poland’s Law on May 11th 2001. It is also compliant with “Entrepreneurs Duties Regarding Managing Selected Types Of Waste Act” introduced to Poland’s Law on May 11th 2001. “Return Packages Manager" is compliant with rules and regulations mentioned in the above acts when packages are the objects of commercial activity.

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