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BLUEs HR Management (0 Reviews)
BLUEs HR Management is a personnel accounting solution for collecting and processing information about the company‘s employees. The add-on is developed for MS Dynamics AX 2009 version. The...
BLUEs HRTime Management (0 Reviews)
BLUEs HRTime is a work time accounting solution for keeping work time records. This add-on allows entering information on the unified principle. BLUEs HRTime is developed for the MS Dynamics AX 2009...
BLUEs Octopus (0 Reviews)
BLUEs Octopus is designed for management of flows of data of different formats to and from MS Dynamics AX. The add-on is the universal data exchange tool, all the parameters of which can be set by a user....
BLUEs Procurement (0 Reviews)
BLUEs Procurement solution, developed for MS Dynamics AX system, manages the procurement process from the identification of the procurement demand to signing the contract with a supplier. The solution...
BLUEs Wages Management (0 Reviews)
BLUEs Wages Management is a payroll calculation and management solution for calculation of personnel salaries in different types of companies.The add-on is developed for MS Dynamics AX 2009 version. The...
Brand Development Fund Accounting Solution (0 Reviews)
The "Blue solutions" are experts in implementing and servicing MS Dynamics AX for companies, which work in the fields of agri-business, manufacturing, services, construction and engineering. Brand...
ETRONIKA NUI Banking (0 Reviews)
ETRONIKA has reinvented the online banking with its revolutionary Natural User Interface (NUI) software. Our Kinect-powered solution enables users to control and interact with online banking using only...
Release Date: 2/1/2012
Version: v 1.0
Euroskaita4 (0 Reviews)
Computerized business management, optimization and accounting solution for your business, which performs all accounting procedures from document registration till Balance sheet generation. "EuroSkaita" is...
Version: 4
JungleDoc - Document Automation (0 Reviews)
JungleDoc is a Microsoft Word document automation and generation solution for SharePoint 2010, which enables users to create new documents or items with zero additional effort, as it reuses existing...
Version: 1.2
JungleMail – Group E-mail Software for SharePoint 2010 (0 Reviews)
JungleMail allows SharePoint users to send personalized bulk e-mails to a large number of recipients. In just a few clicks you can send personalized e-mails to everyone from your SharePoint contacts’...
Version: 1.3