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Passion for invention and innovation moves us to create digital solutions for e-banking and e-business, and meet even the most complex and unique needs of every client.

Projects for banking and the finance industry are the key points ETRONIKA focuses on. We enable financial institutions to embrace online and mobile services by providing integrated electronic channel management solutions. Our full suite of e-banking solutions permits financial institutions to serve both retail and commercial customers.

ETRONIKA participates in mobile e-signature projects, thus promoting the use of wireless PKI. We were among the first to introduce mobile e-signature technology for digital identity management. Our mobile technology solutions are used for accessing internet and mobile bank accounts, e-commerce and e-government services, executing mobile payments and verifying VPN authentication.

ETRONIKA provides intelligent IT solutions for online business. We have created and successfully implemented online or mobile sales systems for retail networks that allow trading of virtual products and services, such as transport e-ticket, replenishment of pre-paid cards.

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