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ScienceSoft Inc.

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ScienceSoft Inc.

Enterprise System Management services

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ScienceSoft provides Enterprise Systems Management services that aid organizations in managing complex tasks of defining, developing and delivering technology-enabled business solutions. Our Enterprise System Management services help you to reduce costs, minimize errors and improve operations.

Your challenges:

- New software solution deployment, upgrade or migration.
- Need of high-skilled specialists to support software solutions.
- IT infrastructure redesign, upgrade or migration.
- New products training services and post integration support.

ScienceSoft provides:

- Projects, Consulting and Integration Services
- Infrastructure upgrades and migration
- Support and consulting
- Monitoring services

ScienceSoft covers software for IT operations management, performance monitoring, and event management for all operating environments, including Windows, Unix, Linux. Our expert team consists of high-level professionals who will be available for you on demand. Ad hoc IT infrastructure challenges won’t boost your employee number anymore.

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