Columbus Lietuva UAB

Columbus Lietuva UAB

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Columbus Lietuva UAB


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We know how to make leasing companies more successful by adapting and implementing proven, Microsoft-based solution for leasing process management “AmberLeasing” to maximize the efficiency and overall business performance.

With deep engagement in the leasing industry, we have built targeted solution on top of the reliable Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. Our solution guarantees quicker Return On Investment (ROI) and provides high utility for companies. The solution often meets 80% of leasing sector requirements right off, and with individual adaption, you will experience the full impact on your business performance with a lower total cost of ownership.

We help you streamline processes to optimize your business in a professional, yet pragmatic way. Our proven SureStep+ process and unique solution "AmberLeasing" ensures a faster and less expensive implementation.

By upgrading your legacy system to our scalable solution, your business will achieve:

- More Sales Growth Opportunities
- More Stable and Easy-Forecasted Business
- Operative and Accurate Information provides ground to make optimal Business Decisions
- Flexibly, Expeditiously and Accurately Implemented Leasing Service Increases Clients Satisfaction and Loyalty.

Our experience in leasing sector has been accumulated already for more than 10 years. With proven track of successful leasing solution “AmberLeasing” implementations in Lithuania, Estonia, Switzerland, Georgia and other countries, we are reliable your business partner.

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