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by Prosys

A modular solution that is both simple and efficient !

Mezzoteam is the collaborative work platform of Prosys.

Mezzoteam supports project streamlining and process building with exceptional flexibility in set-up and functional tuning regardless of capacity or the number of users.

Choosing Mezzoteam, means securing your data
Mezzoteam is based around the .NET 4.0 environment by Microsoft and is available in ASP mode on a secure platform or in licence for intranet installation.

The platform is made of modules called upon according to needs: Document Management, Reporting or Processing Servers. These modules are enriched with dedicated features in order to deliver solutions that match the specific needs of different activities or types of projects.

To facilitate projects overseas, the interface is available in several languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Vietnamese, etc.). In ASP mode, the platform is accessible via Internet, 24-7.

Mezzoteam allows you to:

- Organise documentary exchanges to respect timeframes and guarantee traceability
- Involve all project stakeholders simply implement workflows
- Reduce paper volumes on all levels including archiving
- Secure data

Mezzoteam is the platform used for:

Mail management
Certificate management
Construction projects
Budget monitoring

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