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Steer AS

Steer Course: Course and Training Event Management solution

by Steer AS

Steer Course is XRM based solution built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, dedicated to Training organizations and Course Providers. It offers standard functionality of Dynamics CRM, including contact directory and customer care, and enhances them with additional functionality for course and training event management. Steer Course can be easily integrated with company’s ERP system to provide effective invoicing.

Solution supports both online, on-premises Dynamics CRM and has participant registration portal working with on-premises SharePoint. Steer Course is fully integrated with Microsoft Office and MS Outlook allowing automation and tracking of communications with your internal and external users.

Registration and attendee management is easy: individual and business customers register via online registration portal and get access to their profile and courses description where they can register for courses/events and get an automatic confirmation of registration and reminders about upcoming events.

Course organizers, instructors, participants, hotel and other role-based users are granted secure access to specific data and documents via MyPage including personalized schedules, information about courses completed and reports.

Participants can interact prior to, during and after your event being able to reach out profiles of others participants.

Solution provides automatic invoice generation with participant e-mail notification after registration and further payment status update in a system.

Administrator gets quick real-time access to full data and control over those who has registered, and on number of vacancies. Scheduling can consider customer demands, ranking and changes in curriculum.

Steer Course offers complete management functionality: resource management, event registration, attendee and instructor management, integrated marketing campaigns, business intelligence/reporting, invoicing, and accommodation management.

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