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Work Time Registration. AddOn 20005800

by NAV.COM K.Langier, G.Kowalik Sp.k.

The “Work Time Registration” allows to register and track working time of the employees, beginning from their entrance time until the exit time, retrieving these data from the work time registration devices. The module expands the functionality of the system Microsoft Dynamics NAV within the scope of assisting the management of human resource – payroll department. It allows to export schedules to Excel calendar and to other employee management applications.

Key Business Benefits:

- easy work time tracking

- analisys of numer and types of breaks

- control of overtime through the application of the rules of calculations and calendars.

- individual accounting for employees thanks to applying personal graphics,

- records and posts the absences indicating it’s reason(type)

- simplifying planning works, thanks to applying working time schedules for the company, groups of employees and individual position.

“Work Time Registration” developed by NAV.COM for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV is meeting determined requirements of Polish Labour Code Act. Which determine the way and scope the working time registration.

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