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Automotive Business Solution – Leasing system (ABS LS) focuses on helping our clients in every dimension of their leasing operations.

ABS LS allows you to work with the wide range of leasing objects such as cars and vehicles, computers, office equipment, machinery, etc.

We and our solution see ourselves as part of their team, as part of their company. We know our clients’ business and industry what allows us to propose innovative financing options, what helps them to grow faster and save more. It's a unique level of service in this industry.

ABS LS industry solution focuses on the specific requirements of the leasing sector. The solution represents typical processes of a leasing company from the quotation costing up to the termination of the contract. The ABS LS is fully integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV.

The entire application has a uniform user interface very similar to Microsoft Outlook. ABS LS offers you the opportunity to concentrate on the core matters of your business. Total integration of both sales staff and credit advisers within new business ensures that proposals can be generated in a structured, fast and flexible way.

Thanks to long operation in the market, our experience and quality we are able to provide a unique level of services in this field of business.

ABS LS – leasing management system consists of the following modules:

- LS Financial leasing
- LS Equipment / Operative leasing
- LS Loans
- LS Reinsurance credits

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