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CitronCMS Portal Engine & CMS is a powerful solution for creating, maintaining and publishing content on the Web. The platform offers a unique set of features:

- Multiple Sites offers a company or an organization centralized content management and delivery either on a-per-site basis or grouped under the “umbrella” type of a holding-subsidiaries organization
- Multiple Locales offers content targeting to multiple user groups, most commonly seen by geographical classification (continents, countries, multinational area subsidiaries, etc.)
- Multiple Languages using UNICODE in the user interface strings as well as in data themselves allows the site visitor to navigate using his favorite language. His! Whatever one that might be
- Multiple Domains offers a company or an organization the ability to maintain multiple sites, each with its own domain name and its own entry point, all with one installation

The platform’s modular architecture as well as its versatile pricing is suitable for a vast range of companies and organizations in different economic areas as well as the government sector. Typical types of applications that can be implemented include:

- Corporate Portal Services
- Product Catalog Services
- Business-to-Consumer Services
- Business-to-Business Services
- Presentation of Digital Assets (DAM Portal Extentions)
- e-Government Services
- m-Commerce Services

The citronCMS platform has been developed by Altanet without the use of third party software, free of extra licenses other than its own.

This fact, along with its many installations in local and international companies, as well as government agencies, make the citronCMS platform one of most reliable and cost-effective Portal and CMS solutions.

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