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Dr.Explain is software for creating help files, user guides, on-line manuals, and documentation for software applications. The unique built-in technology makes it possible to create documentation for application windows and screens almost automatically. Dr.Explain produces documentation in the HTML (on-line manuals), CHM (MS Windows® help files), RTF, and PDF formats from a single source.

Unique to Dr.Explain is its innovative approach to creating help documentation much quicker than with other tools.

The program parses a live application and automatically produces screenshots of its windows along with a sequence of explanatory callouts for each control.

The process is accurate and fully automated, so you can quickly annotate multiple screens & graphical interface elements to illustrate your software help documentation.

The most useful features of Dr.Explain are:

• The built-in screen capturing tool, which analyzes application windows or web pages and automatically creates annotated screenshot graphics.
• The image annotation tool for creating stunning technical illustrations for help manuals and software documentation.
• A feature-rich content editor tuned to the creation of software documentation.
• The ability to extend content with variable text and HTML code snippets.
• The creation of CHM help files, on-line manuals in HTML, RTF documents, and documentation in the PDF format from a single source.
• The easy updating of illustrations when a new version of your product is released. The image updating tool smartly replaces the underlying images while keeping all of the meta data and explanatory annotations.
• The support of Help ID for creating context sensitive help files.
• The ability to add search functionality and keyword indexes to an on-line manual without programming, scripting, or database setup on the server side.
• The support of multi-byte and RLT languages.
• The tracking of project completeness through topic statuses and locking.

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