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eBay Trading Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

by 10th Dimension Solutions Pty Ltd

Time to expand your business to the internet? We make it easy.

Our CRM-based solution integrates directly with eBay: you can be up and selling in less than 30 minutes!

Easy, effective eBay sales through the power of CRM!

eBay Trading Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, expanding your business to the Internet is a simple, straightforward process because we provide the same capabilities you are already using to manage your current business:

• Enterprise-level software provides quality professional management tools
• Full-function CRM gives you the capabilities to manage the entire selling process from product to shipment to inventory seamlessly from one application
• Seamless integration with eBay allows you do everything needed to publish, sell, ship and manage the entire process in one place
• Rules-based actions let you create “Black Box” sales and business processes that automatically do things like maximize margin, maximize sales, manage inventory, and so on. For example:
- dynamic pricing based on last selling price
- dynamic listing based on bidding activity
- immediate re-post based on last selling price
- inventory triggers
• Identify and manage losing bidders to make multiple sales from a single listing by automatically sending them a customized offer for the product they missed or a related product
• Create listings individually or via templates directly from the application lets you take advantage of our database capabilities to publish faster and reduce errors
• Make changes to multiple listings simultaneously saving time, money and reducing the possibility of errors. You can update thousands of listings at once.
• Publish to multiple eBay sites simultaneously saving time and avoiding having to deal with the differing requirements of each site
• Manage the sales process by tracking and modifying in real-time, matching your offerings to what is happening. Use automated cross selling and add-on selling to boost sales and margins.
• Reporting lets you keep track of the entire business the way you want to see it and with a frequency that matches your needs
• Dashboard gives you at-a-glance overview of your business on one screen with the ability to get more detail with a mouse click

To learn more about this amazing product and the magic it can do for your business sales, contact us today.

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