GWAVA Messaging Security

by GWAVA, Inc.

GWAVA protects vital business communication for thousands of organizations in industries such as government, education, financial services, healthcare and business.

GWAVA stops cybercriminals, spam, and porn before they ever enter your Microsoft Exchange messaging system. The GWAVA secure message gateway uses the latest technology to detect viruses, malware, spam, and illicit images--and block them from your system.

Anti-Spam Protection — GWAVA provides multi-layer spam defense to protect email and keep unwanted traffic off your collaboration system. GWAVA’s soft appliance for spam at the perimeter—Perimeter Defense Scanning—catches spam before it ever reaches your messaging system. GWAVA spam-blocking functions include; address blocking, content filtering, heuristics, SURBL technology, IP reputation scanning, conversion tracking and TLS support. By eliminating spam, GWAVA keeps your email system running smoothly and efficiently.

Outbound Protection — Viruses and threats penetrate your network from a wide range of entry points. Viruses that penetrate your perimeter defenses can compromise your end user workstations. GWAVA, with inbound and outbound scanning, ensures that threats and damages are minimized.

Porn Defense — GWAVA uses Image Analyzer to review the composition of images and videos. Instead of the more commonly used signature databases its sophisticated probability engine scans incoming images, reliably distinguishes between pornographic and non-pornographic content, and stops the content from entering your messaging system.

CommTouch Antivirus Protection — GWAVA integrates seamlessly with CommTouch for the best “zero-hour” antivirus protection available for both inbound and outbound traffic. Viruses are stopped before an outbreak occurs, which saves you thousands of dollars in lost time and data.

DoS/DDoS Protection — Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks to the SMTP can take down your mail server, which costs your organization time and money in lost productivity. Attacks can seldom be thwarted by the firewall alone. GWAVA now features protection against DoS & DDoS attacks to the SMTP server. Protect your mail system and ensure that you stay up and running.

GWAVA in the Cloud — GWAVA Cloud Services allows you to reduce costs, manage complexity, and mitigate risks by securing your messaging system without the IT, software, and support costs associated with on-premise messaging security.

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