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Dealer Management Solution - Elva DMS (0 Reviews)
Elva DMS is solution for automotive industry based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It includes end-to-end functionality that an auto or other vehicle sales and service organization requires, including vehicle...
Version: 7
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Latvian localization (0 Reviews)
Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a fully localized according to the Latvian Rebpublikas laws, including our state-specific functional requirements. Microsoft Dynamics NAV technology supports easy localization...
Release Date: 11/1/2012
Version: 2013
Salary Accounting and Human Resource Management Solution (0 Reviews)
The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Salary and Human Resource accounting solution provides its users with a functionality that can be greatly accustomed and modified to fit the needs and requirements of the users’...
Version: 2013
LS First Hospitality (0 Reviews)
LS First Hospitality is a complete solution for restaurant chains based on Microsoft Dynamics AX that allows you to connect restaurant operations and Enterprise Resource Planning in one go. It is quick...
Release Date: 3/1/2013
Version: LS First 2013
Account Correspondence (0 Reviews)
Functionality provides a complete turnover report on general ledger accounts, which include correspondent accounts and respective amounts involved in specific transactions. With this functionality you can...
Advance Payments (0 Reviews)
Add-on was designed to keep account of issued and spent advances and to prepare the necessary reports. The use of advance payments can be easily arranged according to variables (department, justification,...
Car Fleet Management (0 Reviews)
Functionality calculates company car fleet costs and distributes them across the general ledger accounts. Fuel consumption control, waybill creation, registration and VAT calculation in accordance with...
Debt Collection (0 Reviews)
Debt collection solution developed jointly with debt collection companies and is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Debt collection solution is designed to help your company improve debt...
Electronic Invoices (0 Reviews)
Prepared and sent to the e-mail specified by the customer, thus considerably decreasing the costs related to invoice printing, signing and posting to customers. The functionality for automatic sending of...
FiDAViSTa (0 Reviews)
Add-on enables integration of electronic bank payment systems: automatic transmission of payments to the banking system and display of information on incoming payments within the Microsoft Dynamics NAV...