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POS Link - connection between POS systems and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (0 Reviews)
POS Link is a specialized add-on solution of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for connection of POS and POS systems and an exchange of information with a Microsoft Dynamics NAV database. POS Link ensures a...
Select Solutions E-Commerce B2B (0 Reviews)
Select Solutions E-Commerce B2B is an Add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, allowing the business to start selling products online, in a web store, quickly and efficiently. With E-Commerce B2B, the...
Skolas.lv is a multifunctional environment for students and their parents, teachers, school administration and the education system as a whole. It helps to realize the high-quality and modern educational...
Release Date: 11/16/2012
Version: 1.0
Solution for Construction Companies (0 Reviews)
This solution is developed together with construction enterprises. It takes into account the peculiarities of business processes related to various aspects of construction, and allows you to fully...
Solution for Leasing Companies (0 Reviews)
NAVex Leasing is designed for businesses that offer leasing services for individual and legal persons, including consumer loans, cash loans without collateral, as well as accounting objects by...
Solution for Manufacturers (0 Reviews)
Today undeniable competitive advantages have those companies that can efficiently plan and manage their business operations. Any industrial enterprise encounter typical inherent in this and many other...
Solution for Telecommunication Companies (0 Reviews)
The solution provides a binding to a specific client object services (in-home, street, apartment, etc.) and analyze this information from different perspectives. This solution provides flexible mechanisms...
Solution for Trading Companies (0 Reviews)
NAVex Latvia" developed multifunctional solution for enterprises involved in trade. Therefore, Microsoft Dynamics NAV standard supplemented with features to solve Operational objectives purchases, sales,...
Solution for Utility Companies (0 Reviews)
Module utilities developed by “NAVex Latvia” is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it can bind each service to its customers object (Street, House, apartment, etc.), and enables a multifaceted analysis of...
Tildes Birojs 2014 (0 Reviews)
Tildes Birojs provides full Latvian language support for your PC. It is used by more than 300,000 users in Latvia for essential help in daily tasks at work and at home. Spelling checker verifies the...
Release Date: 10/3/2013
Version: R.54