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Established in 1991, TILDE is the Baltic leading-edge IT company specializing in language technologies, multilingual and Internet software, and localization.
TILDE provides intelligent language technologies and software products for the languages of the Baltic countries using a combination of statistical and knowledge driven approaches - automated translation tools, speech technologies, proofing tools, multilingual fonts, multilingual dictionaries and terminology bases.
TILDE covers localization needs of customers for all three languages of the Baltic countries. Localization team of experienced in-house translators, terminologists, linguists, QA specialists and technicians provides top-level services for such companies as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Nokia and many others.
R&D activities at Tilde are driven by strong research team including 3 PhDs and 4 PhD candidates and students.
TILDE operates from its three Baltic offices in Riga (head office), Tallinn, and Vilnius. TILDE employs a highly committed team of 160 IT and language experts, researchers, and developers.

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