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Company E-PASAULE was found in 1999 in Latvia and since then is known as a company specializing in application solution design, development, maintenance, sales and consulting with a strong experience in providing technical solutions that meet customer requirements and needs. Our customers are middle-sized and large companies, banks, as well as state and local government institutions, such as Aldaris, Latvijas Gāze, Latvenergo, Fazer Maiznīca, Ministry of the Interior. Our company has more than 150 customers in different countries.

E-PASAULE employs 30 experienced and certified specialists including, but not limited to, consultants, solution designers, developers and programmers.

We are ISO certified (ISO9001:2008 by consulting company "Bureau Veritas Latvia"). The mission of the quality policy is to ensure our customers receive solutions and software consulting services in compliance with the agreements and highest industry standards.

Company high class specialists are designing and implementing solutions that are successfully used in business, banking and government organizations. We invent and master solutions to make things easier, more effective and friendly.

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