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Phone: +371 (6) 710-9421
Fax: +371 6710-9424

Sintegra was founded and registered in Latvian Register of Enterprises on 8th June, 1999.

Sintegra's main fields of activities include systems implementation for enterprise management, financial management, accounting and record keeping, as well as software solutions development tailored to specific business requirements.

Our main asset is our professional and highly skilled employees, who have gained experience working in diverse fields of business. This allows us to better understand our clients problems and provide the necessary advice and solutions. Right now Sintegra employs 12 staff members and 4 supernumerary employees. Each employee is trained and works with implementation, development and support of Navision systems, as well as client advice. In spite of the fact that our employees are always busy, Sintegra guarantees that the project will be successfully implemented, since we constantly recruit new, highly skilled professionals.

Our directions of activities:

- Enterprise management system (Microsoft Dynamics NAV)
- Client relationship management system (Microsoft Dynamics CRM)
- Business performance management system (Microsoft Balanced Scorecard Manager)
- Document and records management system
- Cooperative analytic reports system
- Web solutions development
- Software development

Customer benefits:

- Project risks minimization
- Lower Project realization costs
- Business investment attraction increase
Guaranteed result, fully eligible to customer expectations

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