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HD SaaS | Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Hosted Microsoft Dynamics NAV, an ERP system for small and midsize companies with up to an estimated 200 concurrent users. It is a full accounting suite for management of assets, warehouse, sales, purchases and more.

HD SaaS | Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a comprehensive business management solution which helps people work faster and smarter, and gives businesses the flexibility to adapt to new opportunities and growth.

Business value:

- pre-packaged solution, responsibly maintained off-site
- complete business process integration
- business process streamlining
- extensive business reporting
- familiar and intuitive user interface
- complete financial management suite and enterprise resource planning
- over-the-Internet accessibility, only a browser needed
- up-to-date data from all departments
- less time spent on routine tasks

Business result:

- shorter learning cycle
- short time-to-operations
- more confident decision-making
- timely customer and vendor relationship management
- more time for knowledge-intensive work

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