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OSF Global Services

Windows Mobile Application Development

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As the demand for mobile computing continues to grow, so will the demand for new mobile applications. Now is the time to initiate or expand your mobile strategy to take advantage of this expanding market.

From designing groundbreaking mobile applications to customizing your existing enterprise applications to be mobile friendly, we build cross-compatible wireless applications that are fully functional and easy to use. Our expertise allows us to build scalable applications for the most popular wireless platforms, including Windows Mobile.

We can create mobile applications that enhance the way your customers interact with your products or services and enable you to respond faster to market needs. We help you:

- Develop a mobile strategy that aligns with your business goals
- Ensure your mobile applications provide real value to your intended audiences
- Create new revenue sources to boost profits
- Attract new customers and improve customer service

Our services include:

- Business and workflow assessment – We review your business processes and workflows in order to define the application specifications and uncover any potential problems early on.
- Application development – Our service experts design the technology architecture and user interfaces to support your mobile application solution.
- Coding, auditing and testing – We confirm that the mobile application meets your expectations and delivers the reliability, security and functionality you demand.
- Implementation and integration – Our personnel ensure the mobile application seamlessly integrates into your current environment, performs properly with your other business applications and aligns with your end-to-end business processes.

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