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HORTUS Digital

HD SaaS | Enterprise Desktop

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Any HD SaaS service is accessible through HD SaaS | Enterprise Desktop – hosted virtual workplace with anywhere access to applications and data which becomes the one window to all your applications, documents, company data and communication.

A virtual desktop looks and behaves like a regular Windows 7 desktop PC, but software and data are securely hosted off-site. All HD SaaS services and freeware applications are available via HD SaaS | Enterprise Desktop.

Service plan:

- Access your Windows desktops and apps on demand - from any PC, Mac, Smartphone or tablet.
- Secure encrypted communication channel through Internet (HTTPS/SSL - RSA 2048bit)
- Initial storage for Personal files per user - 1Gb
- Initial storage for Shared Documents per Company - 1Gb
- Microsoft Office Standard 2010 included
- Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX (must be ordered separately)
- Freeware – 7-Zip, Adobe Reader/Foxit Reader, Mindmapping and other useful freeware tools

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