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HORTUS Digital

HD SaaS | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Powerful customer relationship management software with full marketing, sales and customer support service capabilities that are fast, familiar with a Microsoft Office Outlook experience, and flexible, helping businesses of all sizes to find, win, and grow profitable customer relationships.

It is a simple yet powerful way to maintain your existing customer relationships through quality service, and win new deals through marketing campaigns and sales.

Feature set:

- Includes full functionality for Marketing, Sales and Customer Service management
- Secure access anywhere via an Internet connected PC or Smartphone
- Web Browser access
- Microsoft Dynamics CRM client for Microsoft Outlook with offline synchronization
- Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile Express access
- Strong SSL Encryption
- 1 GB of CRM storage
- Seamless integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook
- Migrate existing customer data to HD SaaS | Microsoft Dynamics

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