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Credit Collection Management System


a) Objective

CCMS is a collections management system with a proven track record of collection processing on a modern day computing platform. The system has been proven to dramatically reduce delinquencies as well as the costs of the entire collections process.

b) Benefits

- Eliminates the need to use expensive and costly legal or other debt recovery services.
- Enables the automation of the debt recovery process.
- Increases the number of debt matters that can be handled without an increase in staff.
- Allows the main aspects to the debt recovery to be performed by less qualified staff.
- Ensures that no action is missed in the recovery process.
- Simplifies communication.
- Automatic form and letter production.
- Improved client service.
- Allows you to create and/or personalize your letters.
- Enables you to build a profitable debt collection department.

c) Comprehensive Collections Package

i) The COllector Window
CCMS allows you to schedule promises to pay, initiate Action codes, view credit reports, view scanned documents or take a check by phone in less time than it takes to talk about –all from a clean, easy to organize interface. A powerful tool doesn’t need to be hard to use.

ii) Realizing Your Dreams
No Limits don’t settle for a competitor that only stores most recent data. What gets you paid is having a debtors’s complete history at your fingertips. CCMS lets you store an unlimited number of addresses, phone number and notes, giving you access to the knowledge you need to close an account quickly.

iii) Letter
By pairing CCMS with Microsoft Word & Excel, you can quickly and easily create a Letter, or Invoice – and merge data through a seamless OLE interface. CCMS even lets you receive alternavite address corrections electronically, saving both the money and time associated with wasted mailing.

iv) Client Window
Our Master Client allows reporting on both a branch and corporate client level. CCMS makes maintaining an accurate history for both active and prospective clients simple.

v) ClientProven Workflow Efficiencies
Do you service more than one type of debt? CCMS takes on unique rules and handling instructions depending on the type of debt attached to each account. This flexibility gives you the power to service many clients across a wide range of creditors. From Medical Debt to Municipal Fines, Telco Debt, Purchased or Contingency Debt, CCMS was built to adapt to your collection needs.

d) Partial List of Capabilities

• Manages over 4,000,000 accounts.
• All types of third-party debts; medical, retail, commercial, and credit card.
• Calculates interest and tracks numerous fees.
• Amount, balance, age, etc.
• Multiple Client/Portfolio analysis.
• Supports letter outsourcing, printing in-house or a combination.
• Promised payment scheduler & calculator.
• Keep track on Promised payment and Broken Promise.
• Quick Account Review capability.
• Handles gross and net remit clients.
• New Accounts are auto-matched.
• Commission tracking and reporting for Salespeople and collectors performance monitoring.
• Prints & Keep track on checks, statements, reports.
• Complete Pre-collection and Trust Accounting.
• Codes, SIN numbers, etc.
• Comprehensive Searching tools.
• Integrate with Microsoft Word and Excel
• Administrator-controlled security access.
• Browser-based remote access via the Internet
• First Class Reports and Letters

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