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AgathaeHR (0 Reviews)
A. AgathaeHR-OPM AgathaeHR-OPM is a suite of productivity software that expends the traditional HRIS for managing employee, payroll, leave, claims, training and etc by incorporating employee self-service...
Release Date: 1/6/2013
Version: 5.0
BASSnet 2.8 (0 Reviews)
Established in 1997, BASS is a leading provider of fleet management software for ship owners, ship managers, and operators of rigs, FPSOs and offshore units worldwide. More than 80 customers – including...
Release Date: 3/6/2013
Version: 2.8.0000.63
Bridge Shiphandling Simulator (0 Reviews)
Bridge Shiphandling Simulator (BSS) system is one of component of Altriz Naval Training Simulator which has been developed specifically for the training of ship navigation and ship manoeuvring. The...
Release Date: 1/8/2013
Version: 1.0
Exact Asia Development Centre Sdn. Bhd. (0 Reviews)
Exact Synergy ensures that all information about your clients, finance and workforce is located in one central place, and that everyone can work with the same up-to-date data. With Exact Synergy you can...
Version: 251
Fleetwork Trainer (0 Reviews)
Fleetwork Trainer (FWT) is a component of Altriz Naval Training Simulator. Fleetwork Trainer gained it name from the nature of the training conducted by the Navy in maneuvering their ships in certain...
Release Date: 1/5/2012
Version: 1.0
Fusionex Core Banking System (COBEX) (0 Reviews)
Fusion COBEX was developed to transform systems and address the core needs of the banking business in today’s modern world. With better and simpler tools, more results are achieved with lower efforts and...
Release Date: 1/3/2012
Version: 2.1.4
Fusionex Travel Agent Booking Management solution (0 Reviews)
The Fusionex Travel Agent Booking Management solution is a completely online system, riding on the most suitable suite of technologies and platforms, focusing on simplicity of use and dynamic flexibility...
Hexa Expresso (0 Reviews)
Hexa Expresso is a content delivery platform designed to help organisations simplify their information sharing process. Avoid run-of-mill-presentations and do more with Hexa Expresso – an intuitive...
Release Date: 1/1/2014
Version: 1.0
Integrated League / Tournament Management (0 Reviews)
Our complete sports tournament solution is able to improve a sports centre’s ability to organise and manage competitive leagues and tournaments with reduced effort which results in lower operating costs;...
Intelligent Capturing System (0 Reviews)
Through discussions and our in-depth understanding, we have identified some pressing issues that affect many businesses with operations involving numerous document imaging and processing. • The current...