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Vyapin Software Systems

Active Directory Change Tracker

by Vyapin Software Systems

Vyapin’s Active Directory Change Tracker does a systematic audit of the Active Directory configuration for any changes facilitating organized informative reporting answering the four W’s (What has changed, Why, When & Who made the changes). AD Change Tracker lends support to Active Directory change management function.

- Configure without agent installation

- Archive a long term history of the AD configuration changes in the SQL server database for future analysis with or without native auditing as this is vital for compliance, regulation & internal administration needs for the security & network efficiencies reporting

- Collect incremental data change to OUs/GPOs with no additional load on domain controllers (no native auditing required)

- Detect changes with our powerful tool and then filter the security event logs to extract only the relevant information about changes (Who/When) - native auditing required

- Selectively track only modified OUs or containers/users/ groups of importance and schedule reports for instant notification about changes to end users with the powerful email facility

- Analyze the change history with the powerful search tool based on any pre-defined search criteria (eg. search for all object deletions in your AD during last month or changed object values or rights for an administrator or specifically search for added, modified & deleted users/groups/ OUs/property values for specified time interval

- Schedule periodic reports on the changes preserving old values using the audit records from event log data by native auditing

- Analyze and determine changes for integrity (right changes by the right person)

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