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Business Mechanix Limited

Alumni Portal Solution

by Business Mechanix Limited

There is a vital need within all institutes to increase communication with Alumni and provide further opportunities for them. Our Alumni Status Portal Solution has been created and developed by us (a Microsoft Worldwide Education Partner of the Year Finalist). The Alumni Portal Solution enables you to connect with Alumni and share their success. It provides you with a platform that will enhance your communication with Alumni by sending them regular updates. It can be customised to allow graduates to easily reconnect to you, keep in touch with fellow graduates and further develop their careers through links to the institute and social media such as Windows Live, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The Alumni Portal effectively manages data for Alumni, it is easy to manage, allows alumni to update their information online and it is flexible enough to grow and change with your institute.

We incorporate several technologies when we design and create an Alumni Portal Solution.

- Microsoft Dynamic CRM
- Microsoft CRM Customer Portal
- Microsoft Window Azure platform
- Cloud Computing
- Our B-Agile implementation methodology

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