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AppSense Inc

AppSense Management Center

by AppSense Inc

AppSense Management Center is deployment and management tool that allows systems administrators to manage and deploy AppSense Environment Manager and AppSense Application Manager agents and configurations to endpoints managed by AppSense Management Center.

AppSense Management Center maintains a history of deployed agents and configurations and able to roll back to previous configurations, this is very useful if a mistake has been made in a previous deployment.

AppSense Management Center includes a role based security system, allowing delegated administration, which allows certain functionality to be delegated based on their role.

AppSense Management Center includes a full alert system allowing notification of certain events to be routed through SMTP or SNMP, allowing systems administrators to receive notification of system wide events.

AppSense Management Center is built using a highly scalable architecture, using Web services and a SQL Server database which allows it to scale out to support very large deployments.

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