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Aurigma Photo Kiosk

by Aurigma

Aurigma Photo Kiosk is a software which automates the process of accepting photo order for your photo print business. You can gain benefits from this software if you:
- Accept orders to print on a minilab.
- Print photos instantly on a photo printer.
- Sell photos made by a pro photographer on events.

Why Photo Kiosk?
Reduces expenses. With a self-service order station customers do the job earlier performed by your staff. No need to inflate your payroll to accept orders.
Improves user experience. With Photo Kiosk you can accept orders much faster than earlier and reduce mistakes caused by human factors. Your customers will be much happier with your service.
Makes your business more scalable. No longer need to hire and train new staff as your sales grow. To handle additional orders, just purchase new PC and install Photo Kiosk software.
Increases your business efficiency. Photo Kiosk automates the photo order and even order fulfillment process. Leave monotonous work to computers, make your staff busy in other important things.

How it works?
1. A client inserts a media into the kiosk and selects folders containing photos that should be printed.
2. Photo Kiosk scans the content of selected folders, and displays thumbnails of all found photos.
3. The client selects photos and specifies order details (print format, paper type, crop mode, etc).
4. If necessary, photos can be edited (cropped, rotated, flipped, etc.).
5. When the client specified all necessary order details, Photo Kiosk asks for client name and phone number.
6. After the client have submitted the order, Photo Kiosk prints a receipt containing order details (order ID, total cost, list of photos, etc.)
7. If your kiosk has a built-in photo printer, the ordered photos can be printed on it immediately. Otherwise, you retrieve photos from the kiosk and fulfill the order.

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