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Theta Systems Limited

BizTalk Azure Archiver

by Theta Systems Limited

BizTalk component that allows you to archive messages to Windows Azure.

Organizations are archiving more and more data, to meet regulatory, audit and business requirements. The BizTalk Azure Archiver allows you to effortlessly and cost-effectively meet your archiving requirements, by securely capturing and storing a copy of any data that passes through your BizTalk integration platform in the cloud. So you only pay for the storage you use – avoiding up-front costs and over-provision.

The Archiver component also compresses messages to minimise storage used, and because the archiving happens in the background, there’s no effect on your system’s performance – high throughput can be maintained.

Any business using or planning to use the BizTalk integration platform can take the hard work out of archiving and reduce storage overhead by using this component.

Benefits of using the BizTalk Azure Archiver:
- Auditability: all inbound and outbound messages can be stored, allowing auditing at any point of the message handling
- Message logging and diagnostics: log messages to confirm the syntax and semantics of messages arriving and leaving the system; allow developers to turn message archiving on and off in order to debug system issues.
- Backup: storing a copy of the message entering BizTalk allows message resubmission if an exception occurs.

Features of the BizTalk Azure Archiver include:
- Asynchronous handling of messages - ensuring that high throughput can be maintained
- Ability to use on both receive and send pipelines
- Connectivity to Windows Azure blob storage – which meets the international information security standard ISO/IEC 27001:2005 (see
- Dynamic file name creation based on macros (eg original file name, datetime, etc)
- Ability to compress messages while archiving
- Optional password protection of archived messages
- Ability to dynamically define Windows Azure blob storage containers based on macros.

Theta is a leading implementer of BizTalk. Contact us today to find out more about using the Biztalk Azure Archiver as part of your Microsoft BizTalk Server integration solution.

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