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CNS Treasury Software for FAS 133/IAS 39 Compliance

by CNS Treasury Ltd

CNS Treasury complies with FAS 133/ IAS 39 and manages your interest rate and foreign currency risk. Requirements that CNS satisfies include the following:

In-depth analysis of your underlying risk profile

A system to manage transactions from initial deal entry through the entire deal lifecycle

A complete, audit-friendly transaction diary with a suite of foreign exchange risk management reports that graphically illustrate underlying hedging requirements and position

Percentage of exposures hedged

Position Summaries

Scenario analysis


CNS Treasury automates and eliminates repetitive hedge accounting tasks, saving hundreds of hours per year. When we install CNS Treasury, you establish
hedge documentation templates, or strategies. You can then apply these securely stored strategies to any future hedging transactions. The stored hedge documentation templates let you attach a unique strategy code to each hedge transaction. In three clicks,
you will have met most of your hedge accounting documentation requirements. You can also apply generic accounting rules on each strategy, which means balances held in OCI/Equity are recycled through P&L at the same time as the hedged item. Naturally, CNS Treasury
does all the journal entries on your behalf, at the touch of a button.


CNS Treasury automatically calculates hedge effectiveness and journal entry adjustment, the moment you enter a hedge into the system. Perform a whole
battery of tests at the touch of a button, using the most popular benchmark methods including matched critical terms, dollar offset and regression analysis.


CNS Treasury has built a rules-based engine to automatically generate a hypothetical derivative where appropriate. This engine, designed in conjunction
with the big four chartered accounting firms, helps you in two ways. First, it automates processes you'd be doing by hand with spreadsheets or other treasury software. Secondly, it maximises each hedge's ability to meet the eighty to 125 percent effectiveness
test. Exposures are captured manually or via your ERP, so CNS Treasury can compare your hedge position against forecasts as an assessment of forecast probability. Our unique graphical analysis compares historical forecast accuracy and gives you a clear and
reconcilable picture of future probability.


Journal Entries are simplified when you implement our solution. CNS Treasury represents the subledger for financial instruments accounting. Why? Because
CNS Treasury provides the account balances required for your financial instruments, reconciled to the individual transactions themselves. Specifically, CNS Treasury produces journal entries for financial instrument assets and liabilities, the balances in OCI/Equity
and the P&L impact of hedging activities. It automatically reconciles all numbers to the individual transaction level and below that, individual designations and de-designations of hedging instruments. This provides a robust and auditable output for this key
end result of your hedge accounting process. Calculation of fair value is a crucial component of journal entries. CNS Treasury uses independent, live market data in its revaluations. Valuation methodologies have been reviewed and approved by the big four CPA
firms and regularly benchmarked against alternative valuation tools.


If you deal with treasury management, you can’t afford not to implement CNS Treasury Software for FAS 133/IAS 39 compliance. Find out more about how
we can save you time and money – visit our website or call us today.




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