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DATEV-Interface for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

by Donaubauer AG

The DATEV-interface for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Your assistance for the collaboration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and DATEV.

Your benefits:

• Flexible Interface: direct as application in your office or indirect f.i. via the collaboration with your tax accountant
• The big scalability enables an individual customization to your needs
• You decide how many data you want to integrate
• Everything is possible: from the billing up to the complete accounting

A quick result

The interface enables the export of accounting transaction data to DATEV.

You can avoid to capture duplicates by using the already available data in CRM.

Additionally you have the opportunity to export selected data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to DATEV.

In addition to the wide range of analysis possibilities of CRM, you gain extendible reports about your accounting with our DATEV-interface.

The DATEV-interface is available in two editions:

• CRM-DATEV-interface standard - exporting "invoices"
• CRM-DATEV-interface enterprise - exporting "invoices" and additional userdefined entities

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