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Double-Take Move for System Center

by Vision Solutions, Inc.

Double-Take® and Microsoft®System Center Datacenters are constantly challenged to do more with less. Managing cost and complexity is a constant concern as organizations grow and change. Datacenters can benefit both in cost and simplicity by migrating from servers to Microsoft® Hyper-V® and using Microsoft System Center to manage their IT assets. The powerful monitoring, automation, and management capabilities of Microsoft System Center easily integrate with Hyper-V virtualization and create an efficient and flexible datacentre environment.

Migrating from VMware® ESX™ or other virtual or physical platforms to Hyper-V could seem daunting with traditional migration tools. Double-Take Move® from Vision Solutions® makes it both easy and affordable by reducing downtime and complexity. The full migration life-cycle can be managed from Microsoft System Center with Double-Take Move running under the covers. Deep integration with Orchestrator, Virtual Machine Manager and Service Manager hides all the complexities and enables Microsoft System Center to discover, configure and migrate live Windows servers, in real-time, to Windows Hyper-V. System Center Management coupled with Hyper-V is an extremely powerful and low-cost alternative to VMware.

What are the benefits of using Double-Take Move over other migration tools?

No Downtime Migration – Double-Take Move uses real-time, byte-level replication to keep the migration source and target VMs in sync while the source VM remains in production. Changes are captured as they occur and are replicated directly to the target VM over IP networks across any distance. When it is time to perform the migration cutover, the target VM is already in sync with the source VM.

Automated Cutover – Double-Take Move automates the cutover process including shutting down the source server if required. The cutover can be completely automatic or manually initiated with a single click.

Test Cutover – With Double-Take Move, while the source VM is still in production, a test cutover can be initiated which starts the target VM in an isolated state that won’t conflict with the source server. The target VM can then be used as a fully functioning replica of the source for any required testing. When testing is complete, the test cutover can be undone and the migration process continued until final cutover.

Automatic Virtual Machine Provisioning – Double-Take Move automates the process of provisioning the target replica virtual machines.

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