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Olympic Software NZ Ltd

Dynamics Sales Order Capture (SOC)

by Olympic Software NZ Ltd

Dynamics SOC is developed specifically for companies who have sales staff that would benefit from knowing more about stock levels, the state of your supply chain and the latest in pricing information.

Benefits of Dynamics SOC include the following:

-Save your sales and back-end staff time and enhance their productivity by reducing their need to constantly communicate with each other about stock levels, expected order arrival times - things neither group wants or should need to talk about.

-Sell your stock effectively. Dynamics SOC provides instantaneous quoting information, ensuring sales staff can negotiate bulk discounts, knowing how low they can go! Or sell rarely enquired about stock with ease - always being able to tell how much is on hand.

-And most importantly, IMPRESS YOUR CUSTOMERS! Knowing the people they are dealing with are using real-time data, your customers can be 100 percent confident they will get their purchase when and as expected, for a price they know reflects exactly what they are purchasing.

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