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Fujitsu New Zealand Ltd

Fujitsu Grants Manager

by Fujitsu New Zealand Ltd

Fujitsu Grants Manager is a total solution for the end-to-end management of your grants processing lifecycle.

An online web portal combined with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 delivers secure workflow based registration, application, assessment, award and associated management processes. The result is reduced time between application and award and a clear management view of grant status, results and outcomes.

Fujitsu's Grants Manager Solution delivers immediate return on investment. Deployment is fast, instant value is provided to end users, and it is easy to achieve rapid efficiency gains.

Key Benefits of Fujitsu Grant Manager:

Reduced Rework - data is validated as it is entered into the portal, increasing the percentage of applications that can be processed first time.

Clearer Visibility of Funding - Detailed and summary reporting on the allocation and status of funds and funding is available in real time.

Auditing and Compliance - All activities, decisions, and modifications to grants data are recorded throughout the grant lifecycle and can be easily retreived for audit purposes.

Application Status - Applicants can monitor and review the status of their applications through the portal.

Security - Only authorised users have access to the information you want them to see.

Improved Reporting - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 provides powerful easy to use reporting.

CRM Functionality - Because the application is built on the Microsoft CRM 2011 platform, the additonal rich functionality inherent in the poduct is available out of the box.

Application Integration - The application can be easily integrated with other business systems such finance, email, and document management.

Portal Flexibility - the application portal has been designed in a modular fashion to ensure effortless ongoing maintenance and modification.

Fujitsu Grants Manager is designed to fit your customers' experience by providing rich capabilities within familiar browser, desktop, and email applications.

Implementing Fujitsu Grants Manager with Microsoft Dynamics CRM will rapidly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your grants management, processing, and administration, and open up new possibilities for delivering enahanced services for all the stakeholders in your grants processing.

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