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GP Library - surface Dynamics ERP data

by Olympic Software NZ Ltd

GP Library is a completely secure online portal to which data and/or reports can be posted straight from Dynamics GP (or any Dynamics ERP). Once in the portal, the posted material can be viewed, commented on, 'stamped' as seen or approved, or have other relevant information linked to it. If the report changes, the changes are noted by the GP Library and the relevant people are automatically notified.
GP Library removes the tedious task of copy and pasting financial data around the place and sending masses of inbox-clogging attachments.
GP Library was designed with businesses in mind, that would like to securely share financial data in a time efficient manner with a wider base than just their financial team e.g. board members, management, business partners, suppliers etc. etc.
GP Library allows free-flowing, but documented collaboration around your financial reports and information, beyond the borders of your Dynamics ERP license base.
Benefits of running GP Library include the following:
-Surface your Dynamics GP data without constraint, including your Dynamics GP users as well as those who don't use the application enough to warrant the purchase of a full license.
-Access the most up-to-date versions of information you want, when you want it, where you want it, all you need is a web browser.
-Facilitate and capture conversations around live data.

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