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Binary Stream Software

Loans Manager for Microsoft Dynamics GP

by Binary Stream Software

The Loans Manager was designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics GP users who need a solution to manage multiple AR transactions related to leasing or loan activities. Binary Stream’s Loans Manager is fully integrated to the existing “Scheduled Payments” functionality within the Receivables Management module to handle the most essential leasing and loan activities. Typical customers of this solution include a variety of different business, including equipment rental companies, sports associations and many more.

Features of the Loans Manager:
- Ability to mass-apply payments to AR
- Mass create and automatically post cash
- Greater control over your loan activities
- Calculate scheduled payments with the Rule
of 78
- Enhanced amortization options
- Schedule interest payments
- Detailed inquiries for viewing amortization
schedules and payment status reports
- Inquiry window for all schedules that can
export to Excel
- Strong workflow engine saves hours in
processing time
- Weekly and bi-weekly payment frequencies
Client/Invoice mailing capabilities

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