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Web Services Studio for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

by To-Increase

With To-Increase Web Services Studio for Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV, new solutions can be created that are fully web-based. The full potential of the Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV application is exposed through well-defined interfaces to web applications, including Microsoft Office, ASP.Net and AJAX applications. To-Increase Web Services Studio adhere to web service standards, such as XML, SOAP and WSDL.
To-Increase Web Services Studio for Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers an advanced environment for the definition and execution of Web Services. The functionality is provided in the familiar Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment. Essential elements of the environment include wizards for web service definition, predefined sets of operations, and advanced logging and tracing features.

Examples for application created with To-Increase Web Services Studio:
- Mobile Service Solution
- Web based Time registration
- Active Directory Integration
- EPM Integration

- Strong model-driven web service definition for end-users and consultants
- Integrate to all external systems that allow Web services based communication
- User interface is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV
- Web Services are easy to create and maintain
- Easy to apply to any web-based application
- Supports multiple Microsoft Dynamics NAV versions and localizations

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