AlfaPeople Loyalty Programme Solution

by AlfaPeople

Loyalty Programmes vary in detail but in principle they include an element of collecting points & exchanging points for rewards. AlfaPeople’s Loyalty Solution (ALPS) is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM & can enable organisations to incentivise customers while providing intelligent customer information.

How ALPS works:
Product configuration. Only purchases of these products will earn points. Products can be configured by country & by customer to segment your customer base & promote specific products by target market.

Reward configuration. Customers invited to the programme will be able to request these rewards after collecting a number of points.

Customer login. Customers can see points balance, available rewards & select a desired reward.

Website visitors can sign up for Newsletters or Mailing Lists using AlfaPeople Mailing List Registration feature. They will then be automatically entered into your monthly prize draw through AlfaPeople Lotteries.

AlfaPeople Lottery feature can be used to draw a number of winners from a pool of clients. You can configure how often the lottery should take place, how many winners should be drawn & decide if they should be notified about the prize or not.

Our package can work with all Microsoft Dynamics CRM environments. The portal can be deployed on your own servers or in the Azure platform - you can be up & running with ALPS without new hardware.

ALPS consists of 3 elements:

1) Dynamics CRM Solution
- List products included in the programme
- Configure rewards
- Invite Customers to join programme
- Loyalty points are automatically added to a customers record when products are invoiced
- Date based point expiration
- Regular customer updates
- Configure lotteries

2) AlfaPeople Customer Loyalty Portal
- Account Management
- Review included products
- Review available rewards
- Redeem points
automatically data updates
- Configurable pages
- Cloud deployment using Windows Azure
- Developed by ASP.NET Framework

3) AlfaPeople Mailing List Registration
- Online registration form deployed via existing website
- Automatic creation of new Contacts or Leads in CRM
- Schedule Newsletters & Special Offer Emails
- AlfaPeople Lotteries

- Improve customer understanding
- Identify customer behaviour patterns
- Encourage specific customer behaviour
- Strengthen customer relationships
- Drive loyalty
- Get retention insights
- Allow up-selling of selected products
- Align marketing strategy with customer behaviour

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