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CRMMigrate for Dynamics CRM 2011 / CRM Online

by QGate

CRMMigrate has been specifically designed migrate the data from to Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRM Online.

The utility has been developed to maintain the integrity of all the data and overcomes issues faced with Dynamics CRM using data importation tools.

See your data in Dynamics CRM in its evaluation mode

CRMMigrate will allow a sample set of data to be migrated such that in a trial or pre-sales scenario a prospect can see the migration in process as well as having a more personalised demonstration of Dynamics CRM.

Pre-configured for Dynamics CRM

As part of the offering, an Solution file is provided to add the additional tables and fields to Dynamics CRM to support the standard fields from CRMMigrate comes with standard mappings for all these fields. If there are additional customisations to be taken into consideration then these can be added into the mappings by the user.

Data Integrity Retained

The migration routines within CRMMigrate have been engineered to retain integrity of data throughout, even allowing the mapping of retired users to ensure all historical data links are maintained.

Fault Tolerant

Each table record is monitored during the migrate process, such that if the process is interrupted for any reason, the migration can be re-started from the point of interruption.

Product or Service

QGate provides the CRMMigrate tool as a service, we can provide migration support across the world.

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