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Halo Prism has an overall rating of 4.5 stars  from 1 customer.

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True multi-dimensional analysis allows users to really see their business

  • 4.5
  • Overall Rating 4.5 stars

Reviewed by:Jeremy_Dean Reviewed on:14/06/2011

The iQ4bis Analysis interface presents data to the user in a way that the user thinks about their business and this allows them to instantly and intuitively understand the application. Rather than use the pivot-style type concept that almost all cube browsing tools use and which is really only meaningful for 2 or 3 dimensions, iQ4bis presents the data as multiple connected grids. This presentation reflects the interconnected nature of business dimensions and allows the true multi-dimensional potential of cubes to be presented to users in a way that is easily understandable, immediately useful and extremely powerful. Data can be explored across all dimensions at any level of detail and trends, patterns and exceptions are clearly and easily exposed. The interface disappears and the user can simply see and explore their data - Analysis is that good.
True enterprise administration and on-line help could be improved although the application has a very light footprint and the intuitive nature of the interface means that users need little help. It doesn't do everything - primarily it is a web-based cube browsing tool but pure reporting needs can be met by Reporting Services.
Additional Comments
I've worked with Analysis for years. Almost all initial presentations of the tool will elicit a 'wow' from the audience and the most common comment from users as they start to use it is that this is the first time they have 'seen' their data, even when the data has been available to them in other formats for years.
  • Price 3
  • Deployment Time 5
  • Needs Met 4
  • Compatibility 5
  • Performance 5

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The views and opinions submitted and expressed here are not those of Microsoft.