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Halo Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence without Boundaries

Extend the Halo Business Intelligence platform beyond the walls of your organization. Halo Span lets you safely and securely share business intelligence data with remote offices, partners, suppliers and customers, helping you all make smarter, more timely business decisions.

Share BI insights with your business partners

Share key data — inventory, sell-through, schedules, distribution, demographics, etc. — with suppliers, customers, partners, and remote personnel so you’re all working from the same page to make smarter, faster and more effective business decisions.

Safe and Secure

Halo Span was developed around best data segmentation security practices and protocols so users only have access to the information they’re authorized to see. With identity management and authentication hosted in the cloud, your external users access their dashboard through a simple login screen while the rest of your corporate data remains secured behind your corporate firewall.

Easy to use, no training required

Halo Span leverages the powerful, but super easy-to-use interface of Halo Prism. There’s no software to setup or install. Browser-based, users can master the whole system, learning to drill into data and even run their own ad hoc reports, with Halo’s proven two minute training program.

100% Mobile

Like Halo Prism, Halo Span is 100% mobile-ready and accessible from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones with nothing more than a web browser. No additional client software or mobile “apps” required.

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