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Jet Reports Australia New Zealand

Jet Enterprise is Business Intelligence and intuitive reporting in one comprehensive solution that enables analysis and data visualization across the entire organization in one scalable, low cost solution. With Jet Enterprise, your entire organization gains access to accurate, up-to-date information in Excel – the format they already used for both BI and reporting.

• Increase Productivity:
- Lightning fast insights.
- Reduce report run-times.
- Instant visualizations.
• Immediate ROI - Turnkey installation. Start making better decisions in hours!
• Low Total Cost of Ownership:
- Instant Analysis - Optimized cubes for your whole organization.
- Empowered reporting - no advance Programming required.
• Business Intelligence and reporting in one solution.
• Warehouse and Data Cubes – optimized for reporting from Microsoft Dynamics.

Jet Reports delivers to the Microsoft Dynamics community a complete reporting to Business Intelligence solution integrated with Excel. The front end for our products is all Excel.

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