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MHA Cloud Computing

LyncPop - CRM and Lync Connector

by MHA Cloud Computing
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    Cloud Computing - General
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    Microsoft Lync 2010, Office Communicator 2007
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    General - Applicable to All

LyncPOP is a Windows application that runs in the background on your PC and waits for incoming telephone calls from Microsoft Lync or OCS.

When a call comes in, LyncPOP instantly finds matching records within your Dynamics CRM database and presents the record on the screen.

If multiple records (contacts, accounts or leads) exist with the same phone number in CRM, LyncPOP presents you the option to pop the correct record.

LyncPOP allows you to instantly pop a CRM phone activity relating to the entity that the number matches; all you have to do is enter your notes and save the window.

- Works with OCS 2007 rollup 2 and Lync 2010.
- Designed to pop records for Dynamics CRM 4.0 and CRM 2011 and now CRM online.
- Pop's CRM records in milliseconds.
- Designed to handles multiple CRM records of different types with the same phone number.
- Pop's information from CRM Contacts, Leads, Accounts and System Users.
- Gives you control over what the application does based on Lync/OCS presence.
- Phone Activity: provides multiple options to record the call against a CRM record .

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