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S4S (Sitecore for Salesforce) is a connector that lets Sitecore users seamlessly exchange information with Salesforce. This gives your marketing team expansive capabilities and opportunities without taking them away from the familiarity of Salesforce.

The integration is both bidirectional and in real time which lets website users create, view or edit data from Salesforce that has been suitably enabled. Examples could be the creation, viewing or editing of Salesforce documents, leads, contacts, opportunities or any custom object from the website. The most common task is lead creation from a Sitecore form but this is trivial using S4S, any Salesforce object can easily be created or have its properties changed.

Alternatively Salesforce can be used to control the usage of the company website:
- Log in to the website with credentials from a Salesforce Contact record
- Land the user on a website page selected from Salesforce Contact record
- Change the entire look and feel of the website using Sitecore profile settings configured from Salesforce
- Send invitation emails to Salesforce Contacts and track their page behaviour when they visit on the website.

In fact, marketing staff never need to learn website technologies to have full control over what individual users experience when visiting the company website.

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