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ASLO – Kinect for Windows Development (0 Reviews)
ASLO (Advanced Simulated Learning Objects) has been recently developed by Business Mechanix to enhance teaching, learning and assessment. It was released in early October 2012 and enables users to control...
Release Date: 3/10/2012
Kern Mobile (0 Reviews)
KernMobile is a completely automated and paperless mobile data capture and works management solution that can be fully integrated with your existing systems via the Kern Mobile Enterprise integration...
SERKO Online (0 Reviews)
Serko Online is Software as a Service (SaaS) for the booking of Corporate travel. Serko Online has been the #1 Online Corporate Travel Solution for 11 consecutive years. Serko Online’s key difference...
Version: 2.1
Bridge Shiphandling Simulator (0 Reviews)
Bridge Shiphandling Simulator (BSS) system is one of component of Altriz Naval Training Simulator which has been developed specifically for the training of ship navigation and ship manoeuvring. The...
Release Date: 1/08/2013
Version: 1.0
ClarusCIS (Clinical Information System) - Healthcare Solution (0 Reviews)
ClarusCIS is a Clinic Information System developed to provide the tools needed to efficiently manage day to day clinic operations. ClarusCIS offers modules for patient scheduling, management of medical...
Release Date: 1/04/2012
Version: v1.1032012
ClarusPHR (Personal Health Record) - Healthcare Solution (0 Reviews)
ClarusPHR is a Personal Health Record or Patient Health Record system developed to address availability concerns for an individual’s healthcare record, as follows: - It has become necessary for an...
Release Date: 1/05/2012
Version: V1.0
eGovHub Social Fund (0 Reviews)
The localisation of the Social Fund part of the UK's Welfare Reform legislation, which is being introduced from April 2013, has very much been in the background when compared with Local Council Tax...
Release Date: 1/03/2013
Version: 1
Fleetwork Trainer (0 Reviews)
Fleetwork Trainer (FWT) is a component of Altriz Naval Training Simulator. Fleetwork Trainer gained it name from the nature of the training conducted by the Navy in maneuvering their ships in certain...
Release Date: 1/05/2012
Version: 1.0
Healthcare Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP (0 Reviews)
As Microsoft continues to invest heavily in the healthcare vertical market, Binary Stream will also continue to be an innovative developer for Microsoft Dynamics GP based healthcare solutions. Currently,...
LEAH debt collection software (0 Reviews)
LEAH is a web based debt collection software for small business,attorney (law firm),collection agency,debt buyer. With 99.996% up-time, LEAH collection software is rock-solid reliable. LEAH debt...
Release Date: 31/05/2014