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SERKO Online (0 Reviews)
Serko Online is Software as a Service (SaaS) for the booking of Corporate travel. Serko Online has been the #1 Online Corporate Travel Solution for 11 consecutive years. Serko Online’s key difference...
Version: 2.1
SignSense - Signwriting Jobs tracking system. (0 Reviews)
Job tracking systems are usually overly complicated for the needs of the Signwriting industry. Signsense was developed with the the goal of making the process of converting an inquiry to an invoice as...
SlottaTime -Service Scheduling Business Manager. (0 Reviews)
ProcessIT Limited develops Custom Software for small to medium Companies that have specialist requirements. SlottaTime is one such application that has been refined to provide a complete solution to the...
VinPoint - wine management ERP (0 Reviews)
Integrated wine management from UXC Eclipse, built on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. VinPoint is a fully integrated end-to-end business management software solution that blends the specific...
Vista Cinema System (0 Reviews)
Vista Entertainment are leading software providers for the cinema market worldwide. Vista Cinema has been developed exclusively for the cinema industry, and streamlines the way theatres are operated. It...
32feet.NET (0 Reviews)
32feet.NET is a shared-source project to make personal area networking technologies such as Bluetooth, Infrared (IrDA) and more, easily accessible from .NET code. Supports desktop, mobile or embedded...
Release Date: 9/09/2011
Version: 3.5
ABS DMS (Automotive Business Solutions - Dealer management system) (0 Reviews)
Automotive Business Solutions - Dealer Management System (ABS DMS) Modules of dealer system are specially intended for all brand dealers and leading car distributors. Particular processes of the system...
ABS IMS - Importer management system (0 Reviews)
Automotive Business Solutions - Importer management system (ABS IMS) Modules of Importer Management System (ABS IMS) are specially intended for importers and leading car distributors. Particular...
ACE - Advanced Commerce ERP (0 Reviews)
Today's most successful distributors and manufacturers are agile, rapidly responsive, and customer compliant. ACE can get you there and keep you there. ACE, built inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV, takes the...
AcornaERP (Jordan/Amman) (0 Reviews)
Aacorna ERP is a bilingual ERP System which can be used through LAN and WAN to enter and keep track of different transactions. Aacorna ERP is an integrated information system, based on Accounting...
Release Date: 1/01/2014