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Kinetics Business Accelerator 365 (0 Reviews)
We give your small business all the productivity benefits of a server, without the cost or complexity. Kinetics builds on and extends the Microsoft Online Services Platform "Office 365" to ensure it...
Release Date: 28/06/2011
Version: 1
LearningSource (0 Reviews)
LearningSource is a cloud-based SaaS training and event management system for managing, marketing and delivering events. LearningSource provides streamlined event scheduling, online registrations,...
LyncPop - CRM and Lync Connector (0 Reviews)
LyncPOP is a Windows application that runs in the background on your PC and waits for incoming telephone calls from Microsoft Lync or OCS. When a call comes in, LyncPOP instantly finds matching records...
Office 365 Plans (0 Reviews)
Office 365 provides virtually anywhere access to familiar Office tools, plus enterprise-grade email, conferencing, and more IT services. Office 365 brings you unbeatable value and functionality for...
OneNet Office-in-a-Box (0 Reviews)
OneNet Office-in-a-Box is based on Microsoft's latest technologies which incoporate Office365 and will continue to be enhanced as these Microsoft applications are upgraded. OneNet Office-in-a-box is...
Release Date: 1/06/2011
Version: 6.0
ServicePoint365 - Maximum collaberation and content management (0 Reviews)
ServicePoint365and Office 365 come together to provide a powerful environment for service-based operations to collaborate on and share critical business information. ServicePoint365 is a template...
Signal - Social Media Monitoring (0 Reviews)
Signal is a Software as a Service Social Media Monitoring tool has been specifically designed to enable the public safety and emergency management community to better understand and incorporate social...
SuiteExplorer - Office 365 in the File System (0 Reviews)
SuiteExplorer is simply a plugin for your File Explorer. However, it's got a difference, it connects directly to your SuiteFiles document store in Office 365. SuiteExplorer allows users to continue to...
Release Date: 1/08/2013
Version: 1.0
SuiteMoves - Migration to Office 365 Made Easy (0 Reviews)
SuiteMoves is state of the art migration tools for small/medium businesses wanting to make the move to Office 365. The SuiteMoves toolkit enables seamless transition to Office 365 email and setting up...
Release Date: 1/01/2013
Version: 1
SuiteReader - Office 365 Documents on the Go (0 Reviews)
Users of SuiteFiles can also download our mobile app SuiteReader. This app connects your phone with your SuiteFiles document store. SuiteReader synchronises all of your favourite and recent documents...
Release Date: 1/01/2013
Version: 1