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Allium Document Management (0 Reviews)
ALLIUM DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT represents a solution for the central register of documents, document processing and archive. • The system can receive documents from manual input, scanners, emails and external...
AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth: identity assurance (0 Reviews)
When staff use static passwords, there’s no way to determine if the intended user is logged in, or if it’s someone pretending to be them. Just one leaked password could give an intruder access to...
Version: 4.6
CompactSoft Hospital Management On Dynamics AX (0 Reviews)
Maintaining a healthcare facility is a major challenge for the cycle complexity & the need for a quick & simple solution. CompactSoft has decided to tale the challenge & build the first Hospital add-on on...
Release Date: 15/04/2012
Version: 1
DP Import (0 Reviews)
All of our data integration products incorporate the familar Microsoft Excel interface. Easily change your data in Excel before you import. Add or update your data and transactions in your accounting...
Release Date: 1/06/2011
Version: 6.05
Email Compliance (0 Reviews)
Make compliancy easier and keep your hosted Exchange email experience intact. Our simple and intuitive email encryption and archiving services are designed for companies required to comply with HIPAA ,...
Release Date: 9/10/2013
Version: 1
HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff SP (0 Reviews)
HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff SP is an award-winning content-aware compliance solution for SharePoint. Compliance Sheriff SP allows organizations to realize the full ECM potential of SharePoint while...
Release Date: 19/10/2010
Version: 3.2
HiSoftware Site Sheriff (0 Reviews)
Site Sheriff leverages dynamic access, deny rules and a secure viewer to help ensure that only the right users can access the right content and help you keep confidential information in SharePoint. Site...
Release Date: 5/05/2014
Version: 1.1
Portal Solutions SharePoint (0 Reviews)
Each organization relies on cooperation between people. A good-quality cooperation and efficient sharing of information determines the level of performance and success of each company. Allium provides...