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BizTalk Azure Archiver (0 Reviews)
BizTalk component that allows you to archive messages to Windows Azure. Organizations are archiving more and more data, to meet regulatory, audit and business requirements. The BizTalk Azure Archiver...
Release Date: 23/08/2012
CloudController® Virtual SAN (0 Reviews)
The CloudController® Virtual SAN (CCVS) is a stand-alone storage virtualization and delivery solution that functions as the STorage-as-a-Service (STaaS) automation product in the CloudController® product...
Release Date: 28/03/2014
Version: v2.8
Codit PDF Generator (0 Reviews)
This BizTalk pipeline component can be used on a BizTalk Server out-of-the-box environment (from version 2004 until the latest) to generate a custom PDF file as output. It is very user-friendly; no...