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QlikView Analysis Reporting (0 Reviews)
QlikView is the most flexible reporting and analysis tool for turning data into knowledge QlikView is a general tool for interactive compilation, dynamic analysis and presentation of data extracted...
blue-app (0 Reviews)
The blue-app is a modular sales force automation solution for boosting sales, accelerating delivery processes, ensuring full control over all distribution activities, while also making scheduling and...
Release Date: 10/04/2014
OnePager Express (0 Reviews)
OnePager Express integrates with Microsoft Excel to quickly create one-page project timeline snapshots in full color, simplifying status communications, and creating transparency. OnePager Express works...
Release Date: 1/04/2014
Version: 5.1
Predisys Multivariate SPC (0 Reviews)
As the complexity of products and processes increases, and the amount of data grows, traditional univariate SPC and analytical tools may no longer be enough to provide the insight engineers need in their...
Release Date: 15/04/2013
Version: 4
Predisys SPC for Excel (0 Reviews)
Predisys SPC Services for Microsoft Excel provides an exciting new way to access and use the Advanced SPC and Quality Data Analytics functionality of Predisys Analytical Suite The Predisys solution for...
Release Date: 15/04/2013
Version: 4
SCADA/HMI/MES (0 Reviews)
Create projects for Windows CE and Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/Server 2003 with one single engineering tool. Meets all FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements with the single click of a mouse. Quickly switch...